Recreating a Vintage Polaroid

Fisher Ave., Milford, Delaware Polaroid
Want that vintage Polaroid look…it’s pretty easy. I just took a snap shot of a regular street, took it into Photoshop and applied “Layer”, “New Adjustment Layer”, “Color Mixer…” Played with the colors…to get more of an HDR look. I added an overall Curves adjustment layer, where I brightened the whole photo, then changed the filter type to “Overlay”. You can fill the the layer with black, then airbrush in with white to reveal brighter areas…in this case, in the foreground which was slightly darker, so I brightened it up. Threw the whole thing into a blank Polaroid stock image and adjusted it’s colors to be a little more yellowed. To really go for a real Polaroid look…it should be a bit more blurred than this one, but I wanted the more crisp look here.

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