CloudVine is a company that umbrellas a number of different technology companies.

Cold Smoke Capital is a private equity investment firm. The name “Cold Smoke” comes from the trail of snow powder you leave when skiing down a mountain of fresh snow.

BikeToGo is a bicycle rental, repair, and bike store in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Fifth World is an environmentally conscious company that designs and manufactures high end (couture) clothing. In Native American story lore, the birth of a white baby buffalo signals the dawn of the Fifth World.

Nsight, a health care-focused technology and services organization catering to hospitals and medical groups. The “N” in the name is to communicate “Many Sights” as in the Nth degree.

A company that focuses on satellite tracking systems for transcontinental truck fleets.



We redesigned BikeToGo’s website with a fresh new look, shooting photos of local scenes vs. the use of stock photography. We also provide marketing and content for their Facebook page.

Visit Biketogo.com ->

Fox Searchlight Pictures

We did several banners and websites for Fox Searchlight Pictures, including this flash site for the movie, The Good Thief.

Visit TheGoodThief.com ->


Print Cover for Magazine

Cover design for Trinity Transport’s bi-annual magazine.

Samples of some of the inside pages the Trinity Triad magazine.

TripTrak need some leave behind sales material for their sales force. Here we’ve designed a full-color flyer for them.



Created a cinematic effect, like those new Harry Potter posters, for a more dramatic impact of this young Batman.

A cinematic stylization was digitally applied to this photo to create a more emotional feeling in the image.

We shot this photo one morning not far from our home and applied a fake lomo look to it. Lomo: manually created by processing lomo film as though it is regular color film, which cause a shift in the colors and contrast.